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Audiovisual solutions

Universities and training centers

Audiovisual Technology, Broadcast, Radio and Television and new technologies for the training of professionals in the sector. Seminars and specific courses in our own facilities.

Radio and TV operators

All companies that operate in the distribution sector and contribution of radio and TV signal, cable, satellite and TDT headends.

Radio and TV studios

TV sets and radio and TV studios, booth, continuity control and realization technical controls.

Advertising agencies

Advertising services must include audiovisual technology provided by companies and professionals in the sector.

Auditoriums and Congresses

Sonorization, Lighting and AV Technology in the Auditoriums, Halls of events, Big Classrooms and Conference Halls

Radio and TV OB VANS

… both car bodies, as portable systems of quick use, customizing, according to needs and budget.

Museums and exhibitions

Interactivity and audiovisual production with audiovisual technology that allows the best visual communication support.

Engineering and Architecture Companies

Consulting and technical support of engineering, planimetry, technical specifications, diagrams and audiovisual and broadcast consultancy of our products and the latest audiovisual technology.

Audiovisual production companies

Supply and technical equipment to optimize the creation and editing of AV content. Technical support on site and remotely.

Shopping centers and Hypermarkets Sound

Image acquisition and digital signage (DIGITAL SIGNAGE) to optimize and monetize all its resources

Hospitals and medical centers

The latest technology for capturing and recording images in operating rooms, treatment, processing and storage thereof. Streaming of these events on real time.

Hotels and Residences

The best digital audio technology for sound and public address in all areas of a Center of these characteristics, where versatility, performance and optimization of resources are required.