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Teleprompters manufacturer

In 2002 we developed and commercialized our first teleprompter and since that time we have not stopped doing it, developing new versions, adjusting to the current needs of our customers.

Telepromters for TV studios

Of 15, 17, 19 and 22 inches. With mirroring or without it.

Conference telepromters

Basic, Dual, inCase, Presidential, Motorized.

Light telepromters

For ENG cameras, cell phones, iPad, tablet, etc.

Teleprompter for singers

On stage. Singers, actors. Customized.

PTZ Teleprompter

Prompter adapted to PTZ cameras, 17, 19 or 22″.

Software for telepromptes

Different types of software for different users.

Remote controls

Hand and foot control, penhand. Wireless, USB, remote, LAN ethernet, …

Accessories for teleprompters

Accessories for teleprompters and supporting feature
Teleprompters help people who speak in public, providing them with confidence, security and naturalness.

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